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Joseph Warren (Alex)
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
Willing to take Art Trades to help Tarkaria Grow.

I'm A College Student and wish to create my first animated film upon graduation.

To see my animation refs, TV inspired content, & Other stuff, check out my other account

More stuff coming soon.
Currently, I have some models I would like to use in Poser 3d. But I don't know how to rig them for the software. I'm going to be updating my copy of Poser 3d this month, but I was hoping someone out there could help me rig these models for use in Poser 3d. Is there special software I need to purchase in order to do this? or can I do it in the program itself? Please reply as soon as you can, if I can get over this one hill, I will be able to get fully into the world of 3d animation.

Thank you for reading,

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Whose Jaw is this by vcubestudios
Whose Jaw is this
I've had this for about a year now, & I still don't know whot (who and/or what) this is. If found it in the Missouri river along a sandbar, and had assumed it was a camel, or a peccary. Anyone have any ideas?
Paleo-Tera: Mammoth Model Sheet by vcubestudios
Paleo-Tera: Mammoth Model Sheet
Some concept art for a project I'm working on. Say, if you know of anyone who can make some good music, or you are a musician yourself, send me a note. Also, anyone know where I can get some good, royalty free elephant sound effects for free? Do let me know
Tarkaria: Hyperborean Generic (Elves) by vcubestudios
Tarkaria: Hyperborean Generic (Elves)
Name: Hyperborean
Average Male Height: 6' 2"
Average Female Height: 5' 11"
Classification: Human
Age: 900,000 Years

No one is entirely for certain where the Hyperboreans came from. But there is something we do know, Hyperboreans are the ancestors of all known hominids. It turns out that, in this alternate reality, humans were pretty much on the dot when it came to figuring out their evolutionary history, only they were off by a few thousand years. It turned out that the genus Homo included more than just Sapiens, Erectus, & Neanderthalis. It also included the more ancient elves & dwarves of a lost but unforgotten era.

Though Hyperborea's oldest relatives date to Spain & Egypt during the last Ice Age, most of them lived through out Europe for the first 25,000 years of their existence. Then it all changed when they settled on an Island in what is now the North Sea that contained wealth & resources of immeasurable quantity. It was enough to start the world's first Empire. That land would one day be remembered by the ancient Greeks as Hyperborea, a paradise locked away in the frozen north. Through peaceful negotiation as opposed to savage action, Hyperborea managed to spread through out the world, & divided into many different sub-species, races & cultures.

Durring the period known by scholars as "The Age of Experimentation", Hyperborea contemplated the possibility of granting her citizens & allies the newly discovered gift of Biological Immortality. As a result of this drastic change, they created a new generation, & modified the generations before to be a completely different group of animals than what had come before. They've converted their neurons throughout the entire body to serve a dual purpose, basic neurological functions as well as memory storage, giving them a near limitless supply of memory. Men & women are only capable of getting another pregnant, or becoming pregnant a certain time of the year, drastically limiting excessive birth rates & over population. Age preventative genetic make up similar to what's found in Mole Rats & Hydras. These and other genetic modifications followed in this tremendous period of growth & prosperity. When they finally made it to the Hollow Earth, they became & have remained the dominant culture in Tarkaria.  

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